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Bellevue Carbonology Ocean Race

Posted by aterrakayak på 12 juni 2017

What a nice weekend at the beautifull Bellevue Beach and Klampenborg Kano & Kayak Klubb we have had. A fantastic race and a great testday with our surfskis from Carbonology and REVO. Oscar Chalupsky and Ole Torp was there also representing Nelo so the grass field in front of the club was filled with surfskis in white… and a lot of other colors ;).

Emma Broberg proud winner of a Carbonology Vault

Last year we had a tough flat water race here but this time it was time for a real downwind. We started up north in the nice fishing village Gilleleje and the finnish was in Elsinore. It was downwind from start and that fit me so well as I dont have time to train so much as i want. I placed my self to the left so i could use the wind and waves as much as possible. We were 3-4 who went pretty far out I think it was Ronnie Daalsgard (red Nelo) and another  young  Nelo rider. Well the red Nelo was faster but i could keep a pretty close distance in the angled surf the first 8-9 km. But after that it was more and more straight waves the red ski disapeared and i couldnt keep up with the other guy either. But i saw Emma Broberg on my inside and she was falling back and i felt oh this is going well (she overtaked me later). I had to slow down a couple of times as its the first race and I knew that the end will be tough. The red ski went very far out and i started to move in, maybe I went closer to eraly. But i followed the guy in the white Nelo and when I was as most tired i started to close up again, he was way a head of me so I havent any thoughts to overtake him.

But… This is what the Carbonology Vault is made for!


Then it started, the wind droped and the sea was a mess, ok now its only one thing left… hard work… the guy was struggling in the small messy waves, it took me only three long waves to catch up with the shorter Nelo. The last surf when i passed was one of my longest surfs I ever had and I was in runs heaven and my mind began to sing: This is my church, This is where I heal my hurts, It’s a natural grace…

Well even a ”old” guy gets tired… when I came closer to the beach i saw a nose of a golden Vajda but lucky me I got two three nice ones again and he gave up on me, then i see a rednosed Epic on my right… oh noo I just wanna cruise over the finnish line. So tired but some things gives energy and i had the luck to get some help of the waves so I was over the line a half nose length before Henning Hansen wich normaly are faster than me. 13 place with 31 starts. Pretty good I think… only 17 minutes after Emil and 16 behind Oscar end only 11 minutse behind Ronnie. Topspeed 16,6, average 12,8, course length 22 km. Guys i get closer! 😉

I guess this was the race of my life, dont know if I can do it again… Lets see when the season is over.


Sunday Oscar Chalupsky had two clinics, paddle tech and surf tech. I couldnt be there all the time but one thing is for sure you never stop learning. Me and Emma Broberg had some small clinics and testdays for curious people. A slow start but we had a hard days work. News for the Carbonology fans in Denmark is that we will soon have a Carbonology retailer in Denmark.

Thanks to all for a fantastic weekend! Fantastic event and I am looking forward to come back next year.

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Kajak prova på dag 6/6 Aterra Helsingborg

Posted by aterrakayak på 02 juni 2017

6/6 Prova på dag Helsingborg Aterra butiken, Norra Hamnen Helsingborg kl 11-14.

Provpaddla surfski, havskajak, fiskekajak och SUP.
Mellan kl 12-14 kommer Daniel Holm och pratar, paddlar och visar fiskekajaker för er.
Havskajaker från Arrow, P&H och Dagger. Paula Nilsson hjälper dig nybörjare med din första paddelupplevelse.
Surfskis från Carb Sport, REVO Kayaks, Nordic Kayaks
Fiskekajaker från Jackson Kayaks (kl 12-14)
SUP från Kona och Mistral

Plats Norra Hamnen Helsingborg Kajpromenaden 12.

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