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Big waves in Peniche

Posted by aterrakayak på 30 oktober 2013

In the Baleal bay there is a break far out, i have never seen anyone surf there but today Mattias first went out. Later me and Rob followed. Pretty scary when the wave is towering up in front of you. Shall you go or take it, will it brake before you turn around. This was for sure my most breathtaking surfkayakmoments, the wave was higher than i ever had imagining surfing in. They were impossible to start in without help of white water as they wasnt step enough. So you had to get a kick of the foam to get the speed. And speed we got. Mattias GPS said 29 kmh, standing still to 25-30 kmh happens withing one second so the acceleration when you go down with the foam chasing you is exciting and oh yeah my hands where chaking after these rides…. 🙂

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Nazaré today…

Posted by aterrakayak på 28 oktober 2013

Today we didnt surf as the Waves was to big for us so we went up to Nazaré and looked at the big Waves. The XXL surfers had leaved when we came up but the Waves was still around 10 meters.


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Peniche ”rest day”…

Posted by aterrakayak på 28 oktober 2013

Yesterday it was meant to be our rest day down here. Well i was taken it pretty slow only struggled for a short session in the big waves. But Mattias Meldert was out and fight with the with big white pillows. Well sometimes it isn’t easy to be a kayaksurfer when you cant find your way out to the line up. Foto Leif Högdahl

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Peniche last day…

Posted by aterrakayak på 27 oktober 2013

…course 1. Tomorrow we start course 2. What a fantastic week, not the best weather but nice waves both small and bigger. Yesterday we was in the bay in waves around 2m. Great to see how some of the guys handle it with their soured bodies. A week here give you a bit nice muscle pain for sure. Björn, Isak, Dan, Daniel, Leif thanks for a great week!

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Peniche day 4

Posted by aterrakayak på 25 oktober 2013

Oooh the guys was surfing like fullblod horses. What a day, fantastic for me to stand on the beach and look at the progress they done. Dan who is a experienced ww kayaker really show us how to handle a surfkayak, amazing to see! Toughest is Isak, who have nearly no kayak experience at all. We have named him Isak Fly High Carlsson. Today we had nice waves, perfect hight for these guys who isnt afraid of the water walls.

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