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Paddle Expo 2017

Posted by aterrakayak på 27 september 2017

…or should i say SUP Expo? Close to half of the area was covered with SUP this year. Some year ago the SUP companys was complaining on the lack of interest. Is SUP big now then? No its still very small in europe, maybe the warm tourist countries is different, though i think its sold pretty many SUP 2017 in Europe. But for sure this sport will grow and some nice inventions and develops is comming up. Though many companys have a messy line up so you dont understand if its one or three brands in a stand.


I meet Jocke at the swedish company KONA, and here you can see a clear line, maybe its because they are sweddish… Kona will come with some new interesting boards next year.


Biggest news for us is that Tiderace come back with new modells and a new manufactor. And for you customers the best news… A standard G-Core Tiderace seakayak will have the price of 26 990 sek. We will let you know more later, still none of the new modells are made. Now manufactored in one of europes largest factorys Nelo.


Electric stuff, Aterra will have more electric gear next year, both with wheels and for water… Sorry same we will tell you more later.

Next year you will also find more clothings for surfski and training in our line up. And this time we hope that we found a serious manufactor for a surfski dry suit. For safety we dont sell suits with zipper in the neck if you wonder why we dont sell these suits.

Kxone comes with new versions of their upholstery boats, more narrow for easier paddling.


News from Palm Equipment. A Blaze Long John with nice insulation for the winther surfski paddler. The Extreme pfd comes in a Rescue version for the people that saves people in need. Palm Shuck is a new helmet and the cool thing with Shuck is that they have take measurements of thousands and tousends of heads and started making the helmet from the inside out. Yes its a really snugg fit on this helmet.


Dagger Kayaks. Stratos comes in new colors, cool! Some of the colors that we have seen on the ww kayaks. Blaze (orange-blue) and Horizon (green-blue). Dagger Phantom is a new fast creeker wich we allready have ordered some of.


Astral C-Wolf will be replaced by Blue Jacket. Very nice pfd for seakayaking. It comes in a beautiful blue and also red and black. HF come with a small resque system. Plan Sea is the name and its a very good system.


Werner Paddles will have new colors on their glass blade, looks amazing!


Steve Whetman at Whetman Equipment tok down the biggest applauds for his small invention Crab Stick when he won the best gear. You dont know what it is? Look here, very smart:


Jackson Kayak comes with a pedaldrive to their fishing boats. Looks nice. Also they presented the Liska, wich is named after our sweddish fishing kayak guru Jan Liska who tragically died 2016.


Eventually we will have some new kayakbrands also, we have to think about that…

More news: P&H celebrated 40 years in business with a black golden Aries a price rise and a sign! Valley did the same, a price rise then… and SKUK:s answer was actually a golden disco Romany. At least Nigel has humor…


Nordic Kayaks was there with their new short PE surfski only. Point 65 showed some new low price SOT, interesteing yes could be that you find some in the Aterra shop. More Sweden Melker Kayaks won a price for best recreational kayak? Congrats! Well a recreationall kayak in europe isnt the same as here in Sweden, they mean a stable and less advanced seakayak.


Tahe Kayaks will release a E:Core serie were they make some of the kayak in recycled material. Great idea!


This year I had only a few hours left to go around and I didnt have time to go in to all suppliers as my calendar was more or less fully booked. During the autumn/winther we will let you know more about new products and updates.

More photos for the qurious:

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Nu börjar höstsäsongen.

Posted by aterrakayak på 01 september 2017

Som vanligt har vi en fullmatad kalender även för hösten:

Aterra Kalender 2017

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Struer Frej test

Posted by aterrakayak på 25 juli 2017

Struer Frej nyhet hos Aterra! De har funnits en tid i Sverige och vi har väl varit nyfikna på Frej när den kom ut i vintras genom Struer Boats. Struer känner väl de flesta till i alla fall de som tävlat i racing. Nåväl vi vill testa maskinerna ordentligt innan de blir godkända. Så en vacker dag i Klampenborg efter en tävling kom det två test-Frej från Struer, hyfsade vågor och sol borgade för en bra test.

En snabb titt så ser man ett lite annorlunda skrov för havskajak, har någon kikat på surfski? 😉 Jo det är nog så, rejäl rocker i akter och suveränt lättdrivna. 504 är en kort lättmanövrerad och lite krävande kajak. Lite topprank för att ge bra grundfart men enormt slutstabil. 534 är mest ”surfskilik” med sitt längre skrov, den är lättdriven och lekfull även om den inte är så lätthanterlig i surf som Frej 504. Även 534 är lite rankare men har lika mycket slutstabilitet. Detta är kanske inte kajaker för nybörjaren utan för den mer vane. Dock är de inte så ranka så att en ”normal” nybörjare kan paddla dem men de kan kännas lite väl ranka. Ja nu är det väl som att svära i kyrkan men skulle kunna tänka mig att sätta ett roder på 534:an för att kunna använda den som en surfski fullt ut. Nåväl vill du ha en surfski kanske det är bättre du köper en sådan. Tänkte fortsätta svära lite det är ju ändå grönlandsgurun Björn Thomasson som designat Frej. Paddel, ja som ni ser så kör jag vinge på bilderna skulle nog säga att det är den mest rätta paddeln till Frej… men ja skall du lirka in dig bland kobbar och skär är det väl bäst att köra med euro eller grönlandspaddel… Struer Frej 504 24 250:- 534 24 495:- kommer till webshopen inom kort. Testbåtar finns i butiken.


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Kajak prova på dag 6/6 Aterra Helsingborg

Posted by aterrakayak på 02 juni 2017

6/6 Prova på dag Helsingborg Aterra butiken, Norra Hamnen Helsingborg kl 11-14.

Provpaddla surfski, havskajak, fiskekajak och SUP.
Mellan kl 12-14 kommer Daniel Holm och pratar, paddlar och visar fiskekajaker för er.
Havskajaker från Arrow, P&H och Dagger. Paula Nilsson hjälper dig nybörjare med din första paddelupplevelse.
Surfskis från Carb Sport, REVO Kayaks, Nordic Kayaks
Fiskekajaker från Jackson Kayaks (kl 12-14)
SUP från Kona och Mistral

Plats Norra Hamnen Helsingborg Kajpromenaden 12.

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Aterra Surfkayak Experience Peniche

Posted by aterrakayak på 20 april 2017

It have been a week of long workingdays since i arriwed home from Peniche. This easter we had a week of sunny hot weather and a supertough gang of hungry surfers from UK, Denmark, France and Sweden. I have learned since long time back that never estimate a person from their age or anything else. You dont know the skills of a person before they enters the water. And boy this was a hard going group. Allready first day they showed that they are not afraid of heavy water(waves up to 1,8m). I was planning for picking up a lot of swimmers during the week, as in a group of five its normally pretty much swimming. Actually one of the participants didnt take any swims at all, impressing! Now we also have a new nice boat Dagger Kaos wich is a Sit on Top surfkayak, that makes it easier for beginners. And its a suprisingly good surfkayak.

The prediction was good on monday and low the rest of the week but lucky us, we got good wave hight all days except for the last day. We know where to find waves after so many years here and this time we also discovered a new spot. On this spot we were alone and that is allways nice. To reach the spot you need a car and you have to walk a bit, but its worth it if its crowded on other spots. Next Surf Kayak Experience in Peniche is 26/6-1/7

Thanks for a fantastic and fun week: Eva, Roswitha, Rosie, Sören, Vincent and my great friend Bart.

Some photos, Photographers Roswitha Wagenknecht, Rosie Solocean, Leif Davidsson.

Nice first day ride by Eva Goosens.

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Vincent and Rosi goes wild in the Dagger Kaos.

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Roswitha, no hesitation…

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Sören the man who can swim but never practise

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And a few more…

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