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Surfski SM & Aterra Wave Challenge

Posted by aterrakayak på 12 juli 2017

The race is over… And I have been totaly exhausted after the two days of racing. Well maby not only the races, also the stress before and running a kayak company with high sell the days before in the same time. It was a bit to much. Lucky to have the club Helsingborgskanotisterna to help.  Still tired but this evening i will go out for a playfull training in the Carb. Vault.

Saturday: Surfski SM 19 km. It was a tough race one of the hardest i have paddled. We start the first 5 km in sidewaves wich also normaly give impac waves from behind, but not this time. After the lighthouse I hoped for some easy waves, even if I know its not easy but one can dream… Last part of the race was better when i could make some runs and come closer to the ones in front of me. Well a championship shall be tough and even if I did a bad race you feel it was ok after a while…  My race:

Sunday: Surfski SS2 Swedish Open Championship (Svenska Riks Mästerskapet). Arild Klitterhus 15-16 km. Emma Broberg was my teampaddler in mix. I was close to cancell this in the morning but we decided to take it easy. Well you know all how it is with that. Start went of and Emil/Isak went away but we had two of the Mens team on our side for like 1/3-1/4 of the race and it felt great. But after a while came the misstakes and we went back. The last four km was aufull, no brain and no power, but i had Emma and i could feel her push the boat so we got a nice finnish thanks to that. Nice surfs and first over the finnishline. Boat the amazing Carbonology Zest SS2.

Thanks for a fantastic wekend all competitors. And a big thanks to Helsingborgkanotisterna that made this to a fantastic wekeend.

See you at Riviera Wave Challenge Båstad 5 august! Participate? Mail me:

Photos from our photographer Patrik Weiler.

Resultat Surfski SM Aterra Wave Challenge:


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