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Astral Green Jacket testad

Posted by aterrakayak på 28 november 2012

av Canoe & Kayak.

Intressant test där nya Astral Green Jacket får toppbetyg tillsammans med Descent, en fördel som inte tas upp i filmen med västar som har Astrals uppbyggnad är att flytkraften sitter lite lägre och i tuffare vatten blir det då lättare att rolla. 

”The two-panel pioneers at Astral give a facelift to their beefy Greenjacket design that’s become a staple for expert river-runners since its debut four years ago. Updates to the every-torso-adjusting “tectonic fit platform” include a cleaner, roomier clamshell front pocket (still with space for a small throw-rope behind the panel), fleece hand-warmers and a handy snapping pouch up front to stow your tow system.”

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The sea, enemy or friend…

Posted by aterrakayak på 25 november 2012

Lift up my Vault on my shoulder and walk down to the beach, the winds are struggling with me and its dificult to come down to the water. The winds is from east south east wich is not very perfect as its off shore. Well i have Denmark on the other side so i start paddle to the south. Dont feel very stable in my Vault so after a while i decide to do some flat water technique practise in ”Norra Hamnen”. Yeah that was a good idea so i go back outto Öresound for some downwind but first i have to go further south. I ride close to the shore so i don have so much wind ahead. Then i follow the pier out against the meeting Scandline ferry.  We go straight against each other for a while but i know were she will turn so this is my line, i dont wanna lose any downwindmeters. Maybe i go a bit to far out, i notice that when i take my first surf, the ski wants to take me further out, and now i start to think if this was such a smart idea to go out alone when winds are off shore.

All inside me start to take this ride a bit more serious and my brain is pin sharp and when i make a misstake, i am fast as a Carbonology Flash to correct it. Not really nervous and i have a really good time even if the waves is not the best, its a lot of messy crosswaves. Well i kind of like when its messy, at least when i practise.  I get closer to the E4 bouyo and decide to turn around direct after it in to my starting point again. Its a pretty good feeling to pass the bouyo in 14 kmh. You really feel the speed even if you are 800 m from land. When i turn around i start to understand that this really wasnt a good idea. Well i dont flip when i go against the wind, ok ok its very seldom that i flip, but if i have done it out in the dw… big problem as the winds started to get harder about 12-15 m/s. And to do hard work after a flip in 4 degrees water its risky if you miss some reentrys.

I fight my self back to the shore and dont think much about that i could flip out there but decide that i should practise rescue when i come closer to the beach. I aim for the new jetty. Its two things i want to do here, resque and test my equipment so i decide to stay in the water for five minutes before i jump up. I am about 20-30 meters from the shore and 10 meters from the jetty. So i lay down and relax for about one two minutes, i also test some moving to se if it cools me down, but i really fell safe in the gear. I stretch my head over the ski and… shit the ski has moved north and out, and now i see how fast the wind takes me out. I look to the north and understand that its no way i can hit land further north, maybe Domsten reef i think (4-5 km). I am only 50 m from the shore and i get panic and start to flounder to lay correct for jump up on the ski. But i facing the waves and wind, so i dont come up. Ouh shit again… Ok relax for five seconds… I lay down again on my back and start slowly to correct my self. Put my hands on the ski and take a big jump up. So far so good, breathe, looking at the shore still 50 meters only. I test to swim with my legs but thats useless, so i know that i have to succeed with the reentry. Carefully i turn around and get my as back inte Vault and bracing frantically with the paddle. Up, a bit shaky and paddle in to the shore… wheeeew…

Ok why am i so stupid writing this down in my blogg? Well if you read this maybe you dont have to learn the hard way. Even if i am safe with my reentrys things can happen. On my courses i allways nag about never paddle far out in off shore winds. Also i want to take the opportunity to show my safetyequipment in these conditions wich is:

  • Carbonology Vault
  • Religion Sport Gna paddle
  • Paddel wax
  • short cottons briefs
  • woll socks
  • Camaro Titanium* Long John (titanium side out)
  • Camaro G-Flex pants (with bamboo/carbon lining for keeping the warmth)
  • Camaro Titanium* long arm shirt (titanium side out)
  • Camaro spray jacket that i can open in neck if i get to warm
  • Buff on my head and a Camaro neopren Open Ocean hood around my neck if i get cold i can easy take it up.
  • Camaro Titanium 1mm gloves
  • Short  special made neopren poggies so its easy to grab the paddle
  • Astral Willys 500 mutlisport pfd.
  • Cellphone with numbers to searescue, friends that paddles with me and 112 in my pfd (the cellphone shall be on you not on the boat)
  • Leg leash
  • Two 30 sec. smoke flares
  • Lights on the pfd, with flashing effect
  • * when you use the titanium layer out the suite/shirt/pants practically works lika a dry suit and the opencell neopren is perfect on you skin as you feels completely dry ( the open cell works like a layer function shirt)
  • Even if i feel that the above equipment is safe enough for hardcore weather, i think that a drysuit is a bit safer.

Winther paddling is fantastic i can only give my warm recomendation, but take care,  go out there, enjoy and be safe!

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Arrow kampanj

Posted by aterrakayak på 16 november 2012

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Varning till alla surfskipaddlare!

Posted by aterrakayak på 14 november 2012

WARNING from Carbonology Sport: Use of this equipment may seriously effect the rest of your life. Please be advised that we take no responsibility for any health improvements, increased happiness or habitual use of any of our products.

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BCU 4 i Wales rapport.

Posted by aterrakayak på 08 november 2012

Tillasammans med Green Adventures och Kayak Essentials arrangerar vi BCU kurser i Wales. Här kommer en kort rapport från Ulrika:

There was a 10 meter tide in Liverpool the first few days of the BCU 4 Star training that took place 15-19 October along the Anglesey coast, so we knew that would make an interesting week for the 5 Swedish guys who had decided they wanted to do some excting paddling over here. The weather did what it usually does in this area, this time of the year. That means that it was pretty windy, quite rainy, some sunshine and of course it changed every single day. But in the end, that turned out to be perfect for the course.

So below are some pictures from the course that Nick ran with Tobias, Jesper, Knud, Daniel and Stefan.

Och lite kommentarer:

Nice to see some pictures Ulrica. I really enjoyed the trip. Kayaking in Wales is a lot differnt from the Stockholm archipelago. But why do the waves always look smaller on picture? Out there, they felt huge! I will for sure try to go to Wales, scotland or somewere else in the UK another year. Perhaps the Anglesey kayakfestival 2013,if there will be another one.

Great pictures Ulrika! I remember all fun and great moments we had during the week at Anglesey when I look at the pictures. I will spread to other paddlers how wonderful this part of the world is to explore by kajak, and rekomend them to do the BCU4*. You were all great!
I´ll be back!

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Foto Ulrika Larsson

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