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Surfkajak Symposium Klittmöller

Posted by aterrakayak på 29 september 2015

Nice to be back at Klittmöller, it was two years ago since i was there last time. The symposium are a fantastic and welcomming event. Very well organised, great food and a lot of dannish ”hygge”. And to that you add nice waves, and happy wave people, could only be perfect! Saturday we were in Hanstholm, and we who was a bit more experienced got the world champion Chris Hobson as a instructor. Really great for me as it was 8 months since i was in a surfkayak. We were so many surfkayakers so we used a long part of the Hanstholm beach. The seakayakers used a spot 3-4 kilometers away.

On sunday it was time for Dannish Open Surfkayak Championship. Over 30 competitors! Impressing to see whats happened in Denmark the last years, many fantastic surfkayakers. My first heat was so so,  the next heat I had some really nice waves and won and come to the quarter final. Next heat i didnt find the right waves but i made it to the semi. The waves now was not very good and i was meeting three dannish top guys, this was a tough heat to take a win or a second in. Well i was pretty happy about to be in the semi and with a bit of luck i could have been in the final. Well next time maybe ;). It was nice to compete with David T and Jakob M, they are really good kayaksurfers.

Surfers from five countries did come to the event, unfourtunately only two from Sweden, me and Ulrika Lindblom. Hope we can be some more from here next year and that some sweddish kayakers can let go of their ”fikabrod” and have some fun in the waves instead. Its a bit to drive but i tell you its worth it!

Thanks to the organisers David and Jesper and also to Chris for great coaching. Also a big thanks to Thisted kayakclub for the fantastic food and hospitality. See you next year the last weekend in september!!!

Around 70-80 participants with seakayaks and surfkayaks was enjoying the event.

Now its autumn and full focus on kayaksurfing, for me its the best part of the kayakyear. Next stop will be in Peniche where we go and do courses 9-13 oct. and a exciting surf tour 14-18 oct.

On the symposium many people asked about Peniche and the courses we arrange two sessions down there every year one in october and one around easter. We both have courses and can rent out kayaks to other instructors they can arrange courses or individualls that allready have experience .

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