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Aterra Surfkayak Experience Peniche

Posted by aterrakayak på 20 april 2017

It have been a week of long workingdays since i arriwed home from Peniche. This easter we had a week of sunny hot weather and a supertough gang of hungry surfers from UK, Denmark, France and Sweden. I have learned since long time back that never estimate a person from their age or anything else. You dont know the skills of a person before they enters the water. And boy this was a hard going group. Allready first day they showed that they are not afraid of heavy water(waves up to 1,8m). I was planning for picking up a lot of swimmers during the week, as in a group of five its normally pretty much swimming. Actually one of the participants didnt take any swims at all, impressing! Now we also have a new nice boat Dagger Kaos wich is a Sit on Top surfkayak, that makes it easier for beginners. And its a suprisingly good surfkayak.

The prediction was good on monday and low the rest of the week but lucky us, we got good wave hight all days except for the last day. We know where to find waves after so many years here and this time we also discovered a new spot. On this spot we were alone and that is allways nice. To reach the spot you need a car and you have to walk a bit, but its worth it if its crowded on other spots. Next Surf Kayak Experience in Peniche is 26/6-1/7

Thanks for a fantastic and fun week: Eva, Roswitha, Rosie, Sören, Vincent and my great friend Bart.

Some photos, Photographers Roswitha Wagenknecht, Rosie Solocean, Leif Davidsson.

Nice first day ride by Eva Goosens.

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Vincent and Rosi goes wild in the Dagger Kaos.

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Roswitha, no hesitation…

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Sören the man who can swim but never practise

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And a few more…

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40 sekunders surf i Klittmöller

Posted by aterrakayak på 11 september 2012

I lördags var surfformen så där och jag var lite stel och gnällig och Andreas trimmade mig lite för en svalkande simning. Men det blev bättre i söndags och allt satt som det skulle och fick till två hyfsatt bra slashtoppsvängar, en lång baklängessurf och massor av botten och toppsvängar, bla den här låååånga surfen som varade i 40 sekunder. Uhaa. När den första vågen tog slut kunde jag kämpa mig över i nästa som kom snett bakifrån från min vänster sida. Sorry Anders för att jag trängde mig på 😉 Grymt läcker upplevelse, som ni ser behöver det inte vara mer än lite över en halv meter våg för att det skall gå undan rejält.

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