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Aterra Surf kayak weeks Peniche

Posted by aterrakayak på 13 november 2016

Its a windy day and we drive around to find cleaner waves. We park the car on a suprisingly empty parking, though the beach bar seams to be open. Me, Chris, Bart and Mattias walk down to the beach in the lovely sun. Its the fourth spot we check out today, the waves are big, green and looks fantastic. How can it be that we are alone? Well we take a fast descisson that this is a great spot. This is the first day of our traning with World Champion Chris Hobson… Three days training with the best for us who coach down in our courses in Peniche. Oh now i jumped to the second week down there, first week there we had a begginers course…

_x2o5340Photo Robin Sundin

I had two very engaged first time surfers in the course, Åsa and Robin. Åsa is a seakayaker and also do ww kayaking as she lives in Norway and Robin is a seakayaker since two years. He is pretty much a beginner but this guy is a fighter and he is allready more skilled than most of the kayakers i meet. Its all about commitment and both really love to learn new things. I feel it direct when we start the theori, the curious eyes and questions. The lust to come out in the water and feel the speed of the waves. As usuall we start ”in the corner” a perfect spot for beginners. Nice clean 1-2 foot waves gives you a smoth start in the most technique demanding of all paddle sport.


After a few days i see the result of the commitment. Two surfers with different style. Åsa is fantastic in her smoth movements and do topturns that you dont see beginners do. So do Robin but he needs more power and harder surf to show of. I am offcourse very impressed (as allways) of these two that do things that tok me long time to learn. Well I have got very little coaching until now when we decided to snap things up a bit…

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Photo Robin Sundin


Photo Chris Hobson

Chris Hobson is a fantastic coach, I have meet him before when he has coached in Denmark so i knew a bit about him. Also Aterra now have a Ride Zenith in the fleet down in Peniche (Chris is one of the owners). I will write a review of the Zenith later. Bart Mattias and I get direct comments on our sessions and we try to change and do what Chris tells us to do. What i feel direct is that the speed increase pretty much and now I understand how some areal movements are done physically. Wow! But now we have to get use to the new speed so we can do the movements! To make a long story short we got an amazing week with Chris in Peniche. I hope i can go down soon again for some more practise… this will take some time to put together.


Photo Chris Hobson

Next year we will continue the project and do more courses with Chris and other World Champion coches. Info you will find at later.


Two fantastic weeks are over and i am totally finnished laying in the sofa writing this! I have had so much fun so its enough for ten people. Thanks to Åsa and Robin for a fun and engaging week. And thanks guys, Bart, Mattias and Chris, amazing to meet you as usuall, looking so forward to next time, also nice to meet up with Edgar Duarte, Luis Pedro and the portugise champion Alberto Miguel. Thanks also David at Captains Log House who boiled my 8 min eggs perfect every morning! 😉 See you soon again!

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Photo: Chris Hobson, Mattias Meldert, Leif Davidsson

On the photos: Bart, Chris, Eric, Jimmy, Mattias and me.

Some nice rides:

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The Fly is flying with Mattias Meldert

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Photos above Chris Hobson. Realise that i havent got any photos of Bart in the waveski, will add som movies later.

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Surfkayak news! Two World Champions!

Posted by aterrakayak på 01 september 2016

Learn from the best! One week – Two World Champions! Chris Hobson & Edu Etxberria

5-11/11 Clinics, Training, Workshops.

Edu Extberria, Chris Hobson

We have engaged two of the worlds best surfkayak coaches for this week. The location Peniche is perfect for our sport and so is the proximity of the beach and waves. Your level for this week should be intermediant or above with a willingness to learn more technique. The week will give you advice and coaching from two World Champion surfkayakers with a bit different style and technique, photographing and video analysis.

Practise surfing during the day and looking at the results in the evening. And between that some nice relaxation time.

The weeks include following: Two coaches Edu Etxeberria & Chris Hobson. Video analysis. Photos from your sessions. 6 nights stay in CAR Peniche, including breakfast.
Price 520 euro.

  • Schedule:

  • 5/11- Arrival day and warm up day.
  • 6-10/11- 5 days coaching.
  • 11/11- Free surf – play and departure day.
  • Book!

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Aterra Surfkayak weeks 2015

Posted by aterrakayak på 20 oktober 2015

Now back home in Sweden…

This sunday put my bum in the ONA for the last time here in Peniche. We are in the middle of the Baleal bay. The waves are small for the first time this journey, 40-90 cm and that feels ok. Get som water under my kayak and starts paddling out. Meet some small foam and paddle further out, i feel so tired in every muscle. I jump over a wave that just shall brake and land flat hard. My body screams of the pain for this little wave. Every ligament is stretched to its maximum and all my muscles are completely finnished after ten days of fantastic waves. Some more strokes and i get out to the line up, surf the small waves together with Eric, the others have left. Its painfull and i just take waves that i can drop in to, no adrenalin helps me and i wonder why i dont just go back to the beach.


A rain comes in and create a fantastic view with a small rainbow so close to us that we nearly can touch it. All the surfers stop for a while and look at this perfect image. The Baleal peninsula creates a amasing fond in the background to this scenery. Suddenly a bigger swell comes in and i manage to get three bigger waves and i can end this trip with a big smile in my hart.


We have had some days with to much wind, but the wind droped in the afternoon so even those days we got nice surfs. Three evenings have we surfed in the beautiful sunset. In all, eleven days surf, maybe to much but its so hard to take a day of when others go out, next time i have to do that… i think ;)…

Enjoy the photos taken by Mattias Melldert, Birgitta Ludvigsson, Leif Davidsson, Bosse Gernandt.

Thanks to all that joind us this weeks, fantastic to meet you and to se all enjoying the Waves!

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Good night from Peniche!

Posted by aterrakayak på 10 april 2015

Now the surf is over for this time. Fantastic two weeks in the waves and meeting all amazing people at Captains Log House. It have been really fun as usuall. A nice mix of big and small waves we had. Thanks to all the participants who have enjoyd the waves, great to see you out there!

Now its good night from a very tired and happy man.

Next course 7-11/7 Yes! we now start with a summer course.


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Grym dag…

Posted by aterrakayak på 08 april 2015

Grymt bra dagar med nya kursen.


Vågorna skulle bli mindre men på em kväll blir det fantastiska ca 1,5 m ibland superrena med massor av grönt vatten att köra i. Idag fick jag mitt bästa åk någonsin, tyvärr inte med på bild. Tack för peppen igår Mr MM. Det gav resultat! 😉

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