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Surfkayak course Peniche oct 2018

Posted by aterrakayak på 07 november 2018

Some weeks ago we were in Peniche with fantastic people, everytime when I go home from our courses I think ”this was the best time”. Well the truth is that its the best time everytime! Thanks for a fantastic week Elisabeth, Maud, Danny, Leonard and Bart. And of course allways so enjoyable to stay at Captain Log House.

Join us for next surfkayak course 15-20 april 2019:

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Nice ride! First time in the air, small but a good start ;).

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Surfkayak news! Two World Champions!

Posted by aterrakayak på 01 september 2016

Learn from the best! One week – Two World Champions! Chris Hobson & Edu Etxberria

5-11/11 Clinics, Training, Workshops.

Edu Extberria, Chris Hobson

We have engaged two of the worlds best surfkayak coaches for this week. The location Peniche is perfect for our sport and so is the proximity of the beach and waves. Your level for this week should be intermediant or above with a willingness to learn more technique. The week will give you advice and coaching from two World Champion surfkayakers with a bit different style and technique, photographing and video analysis.

Practise surfing during the day and looking at the results in the evening. And between that some nice relaxation time.

The weeks include following: Two coaches Edu Etxeberria & Chris Hobson. Video analysis. Photos from your sessions. 6 nights stay in CAR Peniche, including breakfast.
Price 520 euro.

  • Schedule:

  • 5/11- Arrival day and warm up day.
  • 6-10/11- 5 days coaching.
  • 11/11- Free surf – play and departure day.
  • Book!

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Aterra Watertech surfkayak Peniche 5-9 october

Posted by aterrakayak på 16 oktober 2012

This will be in english as this course was only in english and some dutch!? and a little portugese, sometimes i and Mattias could talk a bit swedish ;). Might as well say it now sorry for the bad english…

Sometimes when people meet the just click, it took about three minutes to get this bunch together and i think that they had as much fun as i did. What a week this was, fantastic company and the guys was so easy to teach, i just told them what to do and so they did… hmm they tried in all cases… Oh yeah and the result was amazing they did all manage to make the topturn on the third day, in different stages though but anyway.  The participants was Mattias, David, Rob, Rui.

One was completely begginner (Rui) another (Rob) was allready pretty good at surfkayaking. Yes it was a bit nervous in the start to teach someone that nearly is as good as my self and i even think he was better than me after the course. But he learned a lot i hope at least he sayd so ;)… well i managed(it was a hard work hehe) to make him get rid of these femaleish white water turns that i dont think have anything to do in surfing. Take a look at the photos, Rob did many nice things the last day when we got bigger waves… yepp for sure he really gave me a match. Rui was complete begginer of kayaking except for 2-3 times in a SOT on flat water. Young tough and eager to learn, wow it was great to see him develop, amazing i must say. Even if he didnt had the roll he managed to learn during the week (thanks Mattias and Rob for the help) and did some sharp rolls out in the deep water. Mattias was the rolling expert and a greenland seakayaker regardless of that he come very fast inte the technique of surfkayaking. Pretty cool rides and a bit softer moves  made him to fall in love with the new Fly. Well he showed us the fins nicely in the bottomturns. David also a ww paddler but he  had a more aggresive style from the start, the last day he snapped and slashed the topturns as a pro. It was a cool ending of the week to see him and Mattias in the extremely fast ONA. It take some hard work to handle that kayak as they did the last day.

Pretty nice weather all week not the biggest waves but we found a new spot to be in if the participants think one meter is to low… they often not… ;). Peniche is perfect as i can even separate the group if someone want to go bigger, the reef is so close so i can have controll of the whole group anyway.

Next Aterra Watertech course  in Peniche is easter 2013 the week before and after. Hope to see you there.

Photo: Rob Duin, Leif Davidsson

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