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Paddle Expo 2017

Posted by aterrakayak på 27 september 2017

…or should i say SUP Expo? Close to half of the area was covered with SUP this year. Some year ago the SUP companys was complaining on the lack of interest. Is SUP big now then? No its still very small in europe, maybe the warm tourist countries is different, though i think its sold pretty many SUP 2017 in Europe. But for sure this sport will grow and some nice inventions and develops is comming up. Though many companys have a messy line up so you dont understand if its one or three brands in a stand.


I meet Jocke at the swedish company KONA, and here you can see a clear line, maybe its because they are sweddish… Kona will come with some new interesting boards next year.


Biggest news for us is that Tiderace come back with new modells and a new manufactor. And for you customers the best news… A standard G-Core Tiderace seakayak will have the price of 26 990 sek. We will let you know more later, still none of the new modells are made. Now manufactored in one of europes largest factorys Nelo.


Electric stuff, Aterra will have more electric gear next year, both with wheels and for water… Sorry same we will tell you more later.

Next year you will also find more clothings for surfski and training in our line up. And this time we hope that we found a serious manufactor for a surfski dry suit. For safety we dont sell suits with zipper in the neck if you wonder why we dont sell these suits.

Kxone comes with new versions of their upholstery boats, more narrow for easier paddling.


News from Palm Equipment. A Blaze Long John with nice insulation for the winther surfski paddler. The Extreme pfd comes in a Rescue version for the people that saves people in need. Palm Shuck is a new helmet and the cool thing with Shuck is that they have take measurements of thousands and tousends of heads and started making the helmet from the inside out. Yes its a really snugg fit on this helmet.


Dagger Kayaks. Stratos comes in new colors, cool! Some of the colors that we have seen on the ww kayaks. Blaze (orange-blue) and Horizon (green-blue). Dagger Phantom is a new fast creeker wich we allready have ordered some of.


Astral C-Wolf will be replaced by Blue Jacket. Very nice pfd for seakayaking. It comes in a beautiful blue and also red and black. HF come with a small resque system. Plan Sea is the name and its a very good system.


Werner Paddles will have new colors on their glass blade, looks amazing!


Steve Whetman at Whetman Equipment tok down the biggest applauds for his small invention Crab Stick when he won the best gear. You dont know what it is? Look here, very smart:


Jackson Kayak comes with a pedaldrive to their fishing boats. Looks nice. Also they presented the Liska, wich is named after our sweddish fishing kayak guru Jan Liska who tragically died 2016.


Eventually we will have some new kayakbrands also, we have to think about that…

More news: P&H celebrated 40 years in business with a black golden Aries a price rise and a sign! Valley did the same, a price rise then… and SKUK:s answer was actually a golden disco Romany. At least Nigel has humor…


Nordic Kayaks was there with their new short PE surfski only. Point 65 showed some new low price SOT, interesteing yes could be that you find some in the Aterra shop. More Sweden Melker Kayaks won a price for best recreational kayak? Congrats! Well a recreationall kayak in europe isnt the same as here in Sweden, they mean a stable and less advanced seakayak.


Tahe Kayaks will release a E:Core serie were they make some of the kayak in recycled material. Great idea!


This year I had only a few hours left to go around and I didnt have time to go in to all suppliers as my calendar was more or less fully booked. During the autumn/winther we will let you know more about new products and updates.

More photos for the qurious:

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Zegul Arrow Bara… airborne!

Posted by aterrakayak på 29 oktober 2016

What an amazing day for a kayaker here in the south westcoast of Sweden. Today we ( had premiar for the new Zegul Arrow Bara. Well actually no one came and tested the boat today… Not supriced as the wind was 14-18 m/s. 18 is a bit to much for me as its so boring paddling out in windspeeds like that. But i waited… and waited a little bit more… my heart was bom, bom, bom, all day for this, should the wind drop a bit or to much?


It went down to 12-14, thats my cup of saltwater. Lets rock, lifted the pretty light boat (26kg pretty good for a big tool like this) and tok it out of the shop. Got dressed in My Palm Tsangpo/Seti underwear and the Spark suit. Now wavetime!

Jumped down in the Bara and tok some strokes, ouh feels nice here in the flat. Its suprisingly fast or easy driven to be correct. 8- 9 km/h cruisingspeed should work for a good paddler even longer distance. That is fast for e seakayak, oh have to tell also that last week i paddled the Romany Surf in Costa Brava for five days wich is a very nice kayak but not very speedy. Cant help to compare the both a bit. End stability on the Bara is fantastic, yes its like the Romany Surf. You can lean this Bara close to 90 degrees without being nervous, just as the Surf. And when you can lean its easy to turn, right!


Ok enough of this flatwater, get out in the waves! I put 5 kg ballast in the front of my feet. I am only 169 and 74 kg (some of it is actually muscles) the Bara is amied for at least +75 kg. Small guy in… ah eh, i mean small strong guy in a big boat, does it work? Yes she is so fantastic stable that you can use all the power you have in every situation. But stable means boring right? Yes on flat water, but this is Helsingborg Öresund and the famous superrocky water. Actually Bara is a bit lively with much endstability. When you want to handle a seakayak in rough water stability is the thing, thats why i often paddle Dagger Stratos when its (maybe for you) crapy weather. For a seakayak the Bara works nicelly out against the wave get a bit of surfskifeeling the she lifts just in the right moment. No drama at all in the sidewaves.


Ok out out out and then turn around and direction Tropical Beach. Feels pretty safe but the wave direction was more to the pier, do i feel lucky… Not easy to surf her in the beginnig I got some broaching (its messy and not at all clean waves). But as closer i got to the pier it worked out better and better and when i also got oncomming waves (gives you a bit more air under the boat) then i could get fantastic speed, felt like i was in my Carbonology Vault. Second and third and… sessions i could handle here nicely. Topspeed today was impressing 15,6 km/h!


Very nice boat Nicolai Ilcus and Hans Friedel have designed i must say.

Oh airborne, what about that? Hard wind against the pier get you waves also in the other direction. I manage to get a fine surf on the way out against the wind and when the speed increased i meet a wave and i fly, and i mean fly! Over out from the meeting wave. The damn boat was in the air from the stern hatch and forward and when i landed it was so hard that i thought I should crack the boat. Well this is not a playboat its a touringboat, but we test all our boats in hard conditions… just because we want to know what we are talking about.

Hope you also have had some fun in the wind today!

More about the Bara you find here.

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Det är höst, dags för Dagger Stratos!

Posted by aterrakayak på 13 oktober 2016

Hösten är här och snart hoppas vi på vindar så vi kan busa med våra kajaker. För dig som inte redan har en kul lekkajak så puffar vi för som de säger i testerna nedan ”one of the best kayaks on the market” Dagger Stratos.…/plast-polyet…/dagger-stratos.html
Nya fina ord om denna härliga kajak:…


Foto Erik Sjöstedt

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