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World Surf Kayak Championship 2017

Posted by aterrakayak på 01 november 2017

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. And now it was a pretty close championship in Portrush Ireland. Some friends and I meet up week before in Peniche for some warm up. The plan was from the beginning to pick up my Zenith there, but I bought a new one instead to have less problems with transports. Didnt own my new Ride many days as i sold it to the nice guys from Argentina. Last days in Peniche I catched a cold and on the way to Ireland i was pretty bad, well two days rest should do it…


Might as well say this from the beginning I was surfing bad in all my heats actually. Felt week, nervous and stressed… First heat in Open HP, big nasty waves hard wind and many competitors swimed. I had a rised seat for the first time in my new Zenith and went out just after seeing Tue Olesen do a spectacular fall. Damn got a bit nervous… Well out in the heavy upwind and when the heat is just about to start I felt that the higher seat wont work in these conditions, not the right moment to start with that. Back in and tear of the seat and another heavy paddle out. Oh yes I was tired allready, couldnt even get out and catch anything. Think I got one green start and then nothing…


Day two was a resting day, no waves and that was good for me. Next day in Grand Master it went pretty good i thought but no… So now I have to trust the repechage heat. First Open HP it felt good but again a disaster when I saw the result. This was my best heat and I was sure to be the first, oh no boy right down to the bottom… My last reps in GMHP I was totally of, dont know at all was I was thinking about… embarrassing.



Well its very tight in a competition like this with so many great kayak surfers. Amazing to se what they could do even in like 1-2 foots waves. It was only one day with really good waves. But you have to manage all type of waves offcourse.


Will I do this again? Yes! Offcourse, next WC is in Peru 2019. I hoped I learned something on this event and will train more at home and in Denmark. This is a very difficult sport and thats also whats so fun about it. You will never stop learning.


I have also to say a big thanks to the Dannish team that invited the halfdane (Scania you know). Also thanks to Alberto and Bart for the coaching and fun time in Peniche. Offcourse thanks to the CANI and Portrush team who made the event. And thanks to Hernan Mogade how bought my boat, I know it will get many nice surfs in Argentina.


And of course a super congratulation to David Tetchner who was in the HP final, were he did a impressing performance! Above photo.


The hapiness of surfkayaking!

2019 Team Sweden! We or I will work for a Team Sweden to Peru 2019 19-26 july. More about this later but do you feel that this looks exciting (wich it is) let me know. Contact me at


Pretty cold some days…

Peru wave:

Peru Surfplace: Pacasmayo District

Pacasmayo Photos

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    Magnificent website. Lots of helpful info here. I am sending it to a few pals ans also sharing in delicious.
    And naturally, thank you to your effort!


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