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Surfski Safety from Aterra!

Posted by aterrakayak på 04 februari 2017

Aterra presents a new safety products for surfski 2017 in cooperation with Whetman Equipment.

Steve Whetman have a many fantastic products for white water and seakayaking. And we have used his sea contact tow during 2016 on our courses and tours. Its the best contact tow on the market for sure. When we were in Gran Canaria on the Surfski Experience I brought my Whetman Sea  Contact Tow for testing it on surfskis. It was better than i thought and we started to develop a system specialised for surfski.

History: The idea come to me after a dramatic resque were i had to push a person in tough conditions using the method with the fot in the resqued persons fotwell. This is working for short distances but in this case i pushed in 3-4 km. It was a risk for us both and the risk have to be as low as possible when you do a resque. I also got a bad injury in my back. 

This is how it works:

  • You use the fotstrap in both surfskis.
  • The above karabiner sit in the resquers ski.The loop is allways mounted on the fotstrap.
  • The other side on the tow have a loop extension so its easy to fasten it on the resqued surfski. In the middle with easy access for the resquer you have a quick release system in case of emergency.
  • The length of the resque system is easy to adjust.
  • Price for the system will be around 600 sek.
  • Benefits with the system:
  • You can paddle with both blades.
  • The resqued person is safe behind you and can hold on to you or your ski.
  • Fast and easy to put on and off.
  • Low weight.
  • Easy to stow away.
  • You will in good time before the season find the Whetman SCT in Aterra shop and webshop.
  • More information will follow.



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