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Day three in Las Palmas.

Posted by aterrakayak på 26 februari 2015

Three days of paddling starts to feels in the body. Today the swell still was to hard so we couldnt go for a downwind. The participants went out in the SS2 Zest and also today we had the safetyboat. Its perfect, we go out from the harbour with the downwind and we surf back in upwind behinde the boat. Works perfect and its very good practise also we can keep the pulse high the whole session. Yesterday in the Flash i had a lot of power and it was so easy in this superfast ski, today in the Vault i felt unfocused, bad day for me. Hope i will be fresh tomorrow as i told Esteban and Antonio that i gonna beat them in tomorrows DW (they go with the participants in the SS2 Zest). Ouh i guess i will shew some saltwater tomorrow, these guys dont give anything away ;).

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